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Balancing Work and Fun: Finding Time for Your Passions

Episode 41 | October 17, 2023

Sarah Becker, co-owner of City Six Strings, musical genius, and host of the podcast Sarapy discusses the finding balance between passions in life and work. They can live together in harmony, with the right amount of effort.

Join in as Sarah Becker shares about learning through business failures, prioritizing what you love and managing the balance between work and what brings you joy.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No”the podcast about learning to say no and set boundaries to live our best lives. 

Follow along with me as we learn from fellow strugglers and experts, so that you too can start saying no without feeling fear, guilt, or FOMO. 


Sarah Becker, co-owner of City Six Strings, host of the Sarapy podcast, and music aficionado joins us to talk finding the balance between work and fun, as well as bringing passions into your work. Walk through successes and failures to see what may support you in balancing or combining the two.
Key Takeaways

[00:02:12] Starting a business

  • Choosing what you are passionate about and seeing if there is a way to weave it into work
  • Realizing that you cannot do it all, sharing the wealth
  • Being able to manage your workload with the right team

“In a way, your business was designed to control chaos.”

  • Finding a better way to do things
  • Recognizing what creates more space for you to do what you love
  • Organization is key

[00:07:44] Choosing career over education

  • Education is great, but not required – your talents and knowledge can take you places despite a degree or title
  • Responsibilities with education should support your career and future
    • Too many expectations from school which can hold you back from actively pursuing a career
  • Choosing when education does or does not serve you any longer

[00:09:22] Freedom as an entrepreneur

  • Being your own boss and the ability to create your own schedule
  • Fear of a lack of structure can hold you back from truly separating time from what you love/enjoy
  • Learning to trust yourself

“I think that what surprised me was how much I loved my freedom.”

  • You do not have to be completely ready to start, you will never be totally prepared
  • Be as prepared as you can, but accept that you will never be fully ready – a business plan is not always necessary
  • You can always change your mind

[00:14:47] Learning from business failures

  • Choosing to go a different direction is not indicative of failure – each happening teaches you
  • Realizing that along the way there is so much to learn and you can apply those things that may not even be directly related to the next venture
  • If you love something and know a lot about it, many of the things you know/learn can apply to work – a universal application of skills

[00:20:44] Collaborating genres for better music

  • Everything you love can be spread beyond a specific joy
  • Open your mind to a broad range of hobbies or things that you appreciate

“Sarah, if you plan this out, if you are more strategic and do planning, you can enjoy when you’re there more.”

[00:29:01] Another opportunity and saying no

  • Getting scheduled so you have more room for fun
  • Being intentional with time for work and things you want to do
  • Color coding your company – putting just your fun items in a specific color and making sure it levels out in your calendar/planner

[00:33:03] Boundary setting in business

  • Separate out where you are making money, living your life, and spending time
  • Knowing how much these tasks costs or make us, helps us to make more informed decisions
  • Prioritize healthy habits – this allows you to show up in a better way
  • Choose non-negotiables

“Yeah, I love that you said that, because when people get so uptight and stuff, I’m like, do you think Beethoven would have liked your attitude?”

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