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Boundary Setting For Successful Leaders

Episode 42 | October 25, 2023

Andrea Peck joins us to discuss he behaviors and boundaries of successful leaders in the workplace and in life.

Join in as Andrea Peck shares insights on the best habits of successful leaders and the communication with their teams and in their personal life.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No”the podcast about learning to say no and set boundaries to live our best lives. 

Follow along with me as we learn from fellow strugglers and experts, so that you too can start saying no without feeling fear, guilt, or FOMO. 


Andrea Peck is certified executive coach, MBTI and emotional intelligence facilitator, trainer, and speaker, who supports groups and individuals in becoming conscious, confident, inspiring leaders.
Key Takeaways

[00:02:19] Setting Boundaries for Leadership

  • What kinds of boundaries to successful leaders set/respect?
    • Physical, creating space
    • Emotional/Mental – not taking on too much or giving too much
    • Noticing if you are inspiring or draining
  • How do successful leaders communicate boundaries?
    • Language is important – don’t be vague
    • Concise, consistent, and to be clear
      • Don’t set a boundary you can’t keep
    • “I” Messages – also providing a solution, take ownership of your needs
      • Create specific examples on how to correct it, clarify the boundary

“People will notice your actions above your words.”

[00:10:34] Communication in personal and professional lives

  • Do not expect your boss, friend, partner, or coworker know what you want
  • Your success can happen when you have open communication and creating a space for everyone to contribute

[00:13:24] Attention span

  • 8 seconds to get an adults attention (in leadership and also from a website)
  • How do you want to distribute information to your team, if everything is urgent, no one take it seriously
  • Resist over explaining
  • Saying no while being direct and still kind

“Can you disappoint another to be true to yourself? And can you trust them to bounce back?”

  • What’s your intention and goal? You need to know to move in forward direction.

[00:19:58] Why boundaries are compassionate

  • When you are not doing things because you feel guilty, obligated or fearful – you can provide further for everyone else
  • Creating space for ourselves to have capacity for others
  • Direct & truthful

“When you have taken care of yourself, then you can be totally present for others.”

[00:22:08] The benefits of taking breaks

  • Having a mix of time/space allows you to be more productive in times of work
  • Focus time needs to be recognized by your own rhythm
  • Protecting yourself from burnout
  • How to accept boundaries as a leader
    • Being open
    • Understanding individually what is needed

“Everybody should have a limit.”

[00:25:34] The limits of quiet quitting

  • Passive to not to have a conversation
  • Doesn’t allow for someone to change the situation

[00:29:11] Moving up and learning

  • Again, setting intentions and goals
  • Notice the people you admire or who work hard/well
    • Talk to them & pay attention
  • Ask what is expected and required of them in this company
  • Let others know you are interested
  • Willingness and openness to change and learn
  • Get input and feedback from someone you trust
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