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Minisode 02 | October 8, 2020

Choose Your Hard

In this minisode we challenge you to choose your hard, so that you can be more intentional, overcome obstacles and rewire your thinking.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No” – the podcast about saying no (in all its forms) so you can become the authentic and empowered person that this world needs.

Quick disclosure: While Sarah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, this podcast is in no way replacement for one-on-one therapy with a mental health professionalIf you are struggling with mental health issues, we welcome you on this journey, but also invite you to seek out professional help.

Looking for a therapist? Here’s a good place to start:

choose your hard | that's a hard no podcast
Key Takeaways
  • More often than not, we look at the word “hard” with a negative conation – when hard is actually a positive thing that we need for growth.
  • Look at the name of our podcast– That’s a Hard No – “HARD” yes, it’s hard to say no and set boundaries, but the empowerment we feel when we do allows that hard thing to serve a purpose.  
  • Society has tricked our brains into the idea of always expecting instant gratification. We are so conditioned to things happening instantly – with a click of a button we can get practically anything we want. And while many of these things are sometimes necessary, especially right now living in a global pandemic, all of this convenience has skewed our perception of delayed gratification.
  • The problem we’re faced with then, is that when we’re constantly choosing the easy path, we’re not being intentional and purposeful about what will challenge us and help us grow.
  • So we challenge you to think about your “why” and what you need to do to serve that why. Some of those things will be hard. But knowing they serve a purpose will allow you to more easily CHOOSE to do them, instead taking the path of least resistance and getting stuck in unhealthy patterns that don’t serve your why.
  • When faced with something hard, say to yourself…(blank) is hard, but (blank) is even harder, because it doesn’t serve (your why).”
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