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Episode 07 | January 5, 2021

Jenn Prochaska

In this episode, Jenn Prochaska talks about her struggles with addiction, finding clarity and community, surrendering to a higher power, and embracing "I don't know."


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No” – the podcast about saying no (in all its forms) so you can become the authentic and empowered person that this world needs.

Quick disclosure: While Sarah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, this podcast is in no way replacement for one-on-one therapy with a mental health professionalIf you are struggling with mental health issues, we welcome you on this journey, but also invite you to seek out professional help.

Looking for a therapist? Here’s a good place to start:

jenn prochaska the write difference
Introducing Jenn Prochaska

Jenn Prochaska is the owner of The Write Difference, a blossoming content and copywriting agency headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. A marketing professional for more than 20 years, Jenn got her start in the music industry working for an independent record label, and over the years has helped brands that span the gamut, from major sports teams like the Cleveland Browns and Columbus Blue Jackets to household names like Duck Brand Duct Tape, Kraft Foods, Oreos, The Cleveland Clinic, and more.

Heather and Jenn have known each other personally for almost 20 years, and have partnered professionally for the past 2 or 3. We invited Jenn onto the podcast because the story of how she got here involves some profound personal realizations and the setting of many boundaries. During our conversation, she tells us about her struggles with addiction, finding clarity and community, surrendering to a higher power, and being okay with not knowing where her path will lead her next.

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Key Takeaways

Our conversation was so organic and personal, and there were so many “golden” moments of inspiration, that you really should listen to it, but here are a few key takeaways:

  • There’s relief and freedom in knowing we don’t have all the answers (being okay with “I don’t know”) and surrendering to a higher power of our understanding (whatever that is, it’s personal for all of us).
  • Finding community and asking for help from those who have walked a similar path before you, is crucial for recovery.
  • There are many kinds of groups and help for people dealing with different kinds of addiction even during the pandemic. Look online for groups that meet virtually or even moderated Facebook groups about specific types of addiction.
  • Giving back is imperative. She shared, “there’s a saying ‘you can only keep what you give away.’ If I don’t turn around and share this with others, I will lose the gift that I’ve been given.”
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