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Episode 57 | February 27, 2024

Marci Rossi, Certified Alcohol-Free Coach, talks letting go of limiting beliefs around alcohol, societal pressure, and sobriety.

Listen in as we talk about the societal pressures and expectations around alcohol and how to continue on a sober path with outside influences.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No”the podcast about learning to say no and set boundaries to live our best lives. 

Follow along with me as we learn from fellow strugglers and experts, so that you too can start saying no without feeling fear, guilt, or FOMO. 


Marci Rossi is a Certified Alcohol-Free Coach, Success Coach, Mindset Coach, and NLP Practitioner who is passionate about helping women let go of limiting beliefs around alcohol and themselves so that they can create the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Listen in as we talk societal pressure and beliefs, when it’s considered a problem, and how being sober can vastly improve your life.

Key Takeaways
[00:06:17] Rethinking the term “alcoholic”

  • There is a spectrum of alcohol abuse disorder
    • This means that dependencies look different
  • We don’t want to “other” people by labeling them
  • What is the line between a one off night or drinking everyday and not being functional?

“Yeah, I don’t think anybody signs up to be an alcoholic. They’re not like, this is going to be really fun. That’s how I want to be for the rest of my life. Please call me this term.”

[00:09:19] Alcohol as a carcinogen

  • At the base level, alcohol is a carcinogen
    • This means it is dangerous for you, always
  • Warnings say not to drive or drink while pregnant
    • Finding justifications – “good for your heart”

“Alcohol has been tied to seven different kinds of cancer.”

[00:11:19] Beliefs about alcohol

  • We have been taught to believe that alcohol can:
    • Help us relax or let loose
    • Used for celebration
    • Is “social”
    • a fun teenage activity
  • People often have the reaction to ask why?
    • Understand that this is about the person asking, not the person choosing not to drink alcohol

“I knew I had done research that alcohol is bad for depression, I still couldn’t stop.”

[00:19:22] Alcohol and coping mechanisms

  • Recognizing what is a flag for you
  • Often times people are depressed and drink to cope/numb pain which makes depression worse
  • Not letting alcohol be a social lubricant
  • This is a temporary relief, you may be building the pressure
  • Ignore the immediate gratification

“We forget that it’s just a temporary way to tune it out, right? It’s a band-aid.”

[00:27:10] Challenging beliefs about alcohol

  • Not feeling like if there was a slip, that doesn’t mean you have to start over
  • Learning the push back on common beliefs
  • Alcohol does not make you relax
  • Not believing you are better with alcohol
    • You can be more confident
    • You can be more fun
    • You can celebrate
    • You can ignore other’s judgment

[00:30:01] Understanding the alcohol industry

  • Targeting women
    • “Mommy’s wine”
  • The societal norms are consistently speaking to our preconceived notions

[00:33:02] Approaching change in relationships

  • Leave breadcrumbs – start by talking about taking a break
    • I don’t have headaches
    • I feel so much better the next day
  • You don’t have to admit all your negative thoughts around drinking, but if you do the people you are connected with will continue their relationships differently
  • Take the pressure off
  • Talk about yourself – this may be taken personally

“I can actually do hard things like I don’t have to drink alcohol in order to kind of push away those emotions.”

[00:40:45] Tips for quitting alcohol

  • Face hard feelings without alcohol
  • Recognize things that create joy in your life outside of drinking
  • Remind yourself how the common beliefs aren’t accurate
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