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Episode 35 | August 22, 2023

Exploring the Wild Precious Life: Conversations on Purpose and Adventure with Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh

Host of Wild Precious Life Podcast, Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh, joins us to discuss living with intention.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No”the podcast about learning to say no and set boundaries to live our best lives. 

Follow along with me as we learn from fellow strugglers and experts, so that you too can start saying no without feeling fear, guilt, or FOMO. 



Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh, host of Wild Precious Life and author of Hear Be Dragons discusses living with intention, the challenges and joys of raising children with someone you love, and how to set boundaries as a parent. Ann Marie shares her insights and experiences, offering valuable advice on rediscovering purpose and finding peace on the journey of life. 

Key Takeaways

Wild Precious Life

[00:05:39] The weight of shared grief

  • Loss and lockdown – how difficult grief felt during a time when people couldn’t be together

[00:05:39] My Why

  • I went looking for stories. It felt comforting and like I wasn’t as lonely to listen to what people had to say
  • Profound conversations – podcasting and car conversations – gives you permission to be vulnerable
  • Close conversations are healing and cathartic

[00:10:29] Living with intention

  • Sharing in creative ways to love and find magic in difficult times.
  • Realizing connection is a way to care for yourself
  • The best stories are sometimes when things go wrong and have to do things unconventionally or when things went badly
  • When bad things happen we can remind ourselves that we will truly love this story later

 “the adventure of the travel is often not the things that go well, but when you have to canoe down the river.”

  • Dwell in the wisdom others are willing to share

[00:15:12] Failure and learning from it

[00:20:35] Empowering children to say no

  • Talking to our children with respect, allowing them to make decisions
  • Listening when they tell you things
  • Forget what others will say about US and remember that our child is the most important

“I actually want them to be disobedient.”

  • Realizing why limitations are set
  • Fear and control aren’t the best way to lead

[00:31:01] Classic retellings of classic tales

  • Trying to read lots of different types of stories with an open mind

“Just because Donkey Kong is in the first chapter does not make it about video games.”

[00:34:11] Diet culture and its impact

“And it is blowing my mind about diet culture and the damage we all kind of know we’ve done to ourselves, but that we don’t realize that we’re passing on to our children.”

Where to Find Annmarie
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