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Hard No for the Holidays

Sometimes, the holidays aren’t exactly magical. They can be stressful too. Holiday gatherings can mean falling short of unrealistic expectations of perfection, family tensions, or awkward conversations. The expectations that come with cooking and baking and shopping and gift giving… (whew!) can mean spending time, energy, and money you don’t really have. And for those experiencing grief, major holidays or anniversaries can be especially tough. So, between seasons 2 and 3, we decided to put out a bonus miniseries to help our listeners remember, that even during the holidays, it’s okay, necessary really, to say no and set boundaries. 


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Hard No for the Holidays: Winging it and Embracing What Really Matters

December 22, 2022
Our podcast team discusses the importance of 'winging it', managing expectations, and embracing what really matters for the holidays.

Hard No for the Holidays: Grief During the ‘Happiest Time of the Year’

December 13, 2022
Beverly Soggs, MA, CCLS, discusses managing grief during difficult times of year, especially the holiday season.

Hard No for the Holidays: Showing Kindness to Families of Kids Who Struggle

December 6, 2022
Sarah Rintamaki and Karla Fitch, of Connecting For Kids, discuss the best ways to support families and children with other needs during the holiday season.

Hard No for the Holidays: Creating Safe Spaces for Your LGBTQ+ Loved Ones

November 29, 2022
Kathy Houston, Run Your Life Coach, on allyship, making your home/event comfortable, coming out, and bringing around new partners during the holiday season.