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Season 1 Minisodes

During our first season, we spent a little time in these minisodes to dive deeper into some of the topics our guests touched on or inspired.


hard no podcast season 1 sign-off

Season 1 Sign-Off

June 1, 2021
In this minisode, we take a few minutes to catch up, reflect on what we've learned this season, and sign-off for the summer until our return for season 2.

Changing Family Patterns

April 20, 2021
In this minisode, we talk briefly about recognizing family patterns and setting boundaries to change those patterns.

Regrets & Expectations

March 30, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how to recognize when you're living the life others expect of you, instead of a life true to you.

Let’s Talk About Burnout

March 16, 2021
In this special episode, our first since taking a six-week break, we talk honestly about burnout and how to alleviate it.

How to Check in with Your Partner

January 26, 2021
In this minisode, we discuss the importance of strengthening your relationship with your partner by checking in on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis... and how to do it.

New Year. Same You.

January 11, 2021
In this minisode, we talk about New Year's resolutions, intentions and goal setting, and how to think about what this time of year really means in terms of our personal…

Coping With the Holiday Blues

December 22, 2020
We get real and talk about how we're coping with mental and physical exhaustion, grief, and depression during this holiday season... and share ideas for how all of us can…

Build Your Arsenal by Learning to Set Boundaries

December 17, 2020
In this minisode, we talk about how you can grow your brain and build an arsenal of skills by learning how to set boundaries.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

December 15, 2020
In this minisode, we break down the 5 key elements of emotional intelligence, and provide actionable tips you can apply in your daily life to help develop yours.

Using Creativity to Heal

December 3, 2020
In this minisode, we talk about how creativity can interrupt the stress cycle, give us an outlet for self-expression, help us process thoughts and feelings, and encourage healing.

Shifting Our Language

December 1, 2020
In this minisode we discuss the importance of talking to ourselves more than listening to ourselves and shifting our language to approach things with gratitude and a growth mindset.

Understanding Love Languages

November 17, 2020
In this minisode, we discuss the importance of understanding love languages and how to identify your own love language.

Unpacking Anxiety (Part 2)

November 5, 2020
In another (not so mini) minisode, we talk about ways to help ourselves when we're feeling anxious, and how to help others with anxiety.

Unpacking Anxiety (Part 1)

November 3, 2020
In this (not so mini) minisode, we "unpack" or deconstruct anxiety, getting to its root causes.

Park it, sleep on it, put a pin in it.

October 22, 2020
In this minisode, we walk through a technique that helps with emotional regulation, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Pivot to find your purpose

October 20, 2020
In this episode we discuss how embracing the pivots in your life will lead you to your purpose.

Choose Your Hard

October 8, 2020
In this minisode we challenge you to choose your hard, so that you can be more intentional, overcome obstacles and rewire your thinking.

What’s Your Why?

October 6, 2020
Sarah talks about the importance of identifying your why, so that you have the foundation you need to start saying no, set boundaries and create the life you want.