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How to Share Insights Learned in Therapy with Friends & Family

Minisode 10 | July 26, 2022

How to Share Insights Learned in Therapy with Friends & Family

In our tenth minisode in a series about accessing and normalizing therapy, we discuss ways to share insights through therapy with those you love.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No” – the podcast about saying no and setting boundaries so you can become the authentic and empowered you that this world needs.

Reminder: While Sarah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, this podcast is in no way replacement for one-on-one therapy with a mental health professionalIf you are struggling with mental health issues, we welcome you on this journey, but also invite you to seek out professional help.

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learned insights through therapy with friends

In season 2 of That’s a Hard No, we’re making it a priority to dig deeper into the process of finding and utilizing the mental health support you may need. We’re taking some time to discuss with our “in-house expert,” Sarah Saunders, what to expect from therapy and all of its intricacies.  

Share Learned Insights
  • The Breakthrough Moments – Realizing that these moments are positive but can make us feel a multitude of emotions. This is a benefit to the client, and will create a release, however it can feel bittersweet.
    • It’s normal for things to be confusing at these times but sharing them with others can help create necessary boundaries and allow others to understand you better.

One of my favorite things being a therapist and sitting in sessions is when clients have that like breakthrough moment, that lightbulb goes off and you can just see just the release that they have.

  • Looking Forward- Once things make sense to us, it can help make sense to others as well.
  • Sharing the News – Making sure the person is a safe place and also being mindful of delivery.
    • Take into consideration the persons mindset, season of life, and if they are ready for this information.
    • Will this conversation be productive? Will I feel validated? Will this be minimized?
    • Feel free to practice – roleplaying, letter writing.
  • If You Can’t Share – It’s important to know when someone may not be in the place to discuss. Sometimes they are no longer even alive.
    • If this is the case, getting out the message – via writing – or discussing with someone else can be extremely therapeutic.

What do you do with some of that new gained insight? And so I want to kind of just talk a little bit about that, because there can definitely be a lot of co-existing emotions when that does happen. I’ve gotten feedback of people feeling relieved and angry, they feel empowered and confused, they feel validated, but also misunderstood.

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