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Minisode 12 | August 23, 2022

Season 2 Takeaways

Season 2 has brought inspiration, joy, laughter, support and so much helpful information! We discuss our biggest takeaways and special moments.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No” – the podcast about saying no and setting boundaries so you can become the authentic and empowered you that this world needs.

Reminder: While Sarah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, this podcast is in no way replacement for one-on-one therapy with a mental health professionalIf you are struggling with mental health issues, we welcome you on this journey, but also invite you to seek out professional help.

Looking for a therapist? Here’s a good place to start:


In season 2 of That’s a Hard No, we learned, grew, and found support. Our minisodes were made to dig deeper into the process of finding and utilizing the mental health support you may need. We took some time to discuss with our “in-house expert,” Sarah Saunders, what to expect from therapy and all of its intricacies.  

Our Season 2 Takeaways

One of the beautiful things about this season is that, yes, we’re providing a lot of information, but these guests, I mean, I’ve learned so much.

  • Motherhood
    • Spinning Plates – An episode about the difficulties of motherhood, working burnout, and balancing all of the duties women have as “mom”.
    • Fourth Trimester – Normalizing and educating new moms (first time and those doing it again) on postpartum anxiety, depression, and how to find support during newborn stage and postpartum period.
  • Living in the Slow Lane
    • The importance of living in and being in the moment – washing your hands and actually feeling the water. Experiencing life as it comes rather than constantly being prepared for what’s next.
    • Social Media Detox – Taking the value out of likes, follows, and comments. Making sure that social media is a safe and healthy place to visit for joy and information rather than comparison and insecurities.

I haven’t really been back on social media at all…But I don’t miss it. I honestly don’t miss it. Whatever you know FOMO that phrase, fear of missing out, whatever the opposite of that is, I have it.

  • Foods and How they Feel in our Body
    • This conversation highlights intuitive eating, knowing what foods support your body and eating when you feel hungry and not to a point of overfilled. Listening to your body to nourish it.
    • Remember to try your best not to multitask. Sit down, have meals, no screens, no distractions. Taking your time to taste and digest your food.
    • Knowing that social media diets and foods aren’t always realistic.

Well there are also cost things associated with those too. Like mega rich people eating like kale and protein salads five times a day. That’s $40 of kale you ate today. I can’t do that.

  • Dating
    • Making small investments to start, having other activities lined up around the date. Allowing yourself to start small or “go in the shallow end first”.
    • Dates do not have to be sit down meals or drinks, they don’t have to be costly, and they don’t have to be the pressure of sitting down staring at a person with rapid fire questions. The pandemic has shown that walking and talking or outdoor activities allow those dating to speak freely and feel less pressure.
  • Boundaries and Consent
    • Building the muscle early – the difference between compliance and consent within ourselves and our children. It’s important to teach boundaries about our space and bodies to better understand when someone is or tries to cross a boundary.
  • Bucket List
    • This was a fun conversation! Knowing that your job doesn’t define you. Not taking things out of life, but adding joy to it.
  •  Empowerment in the face of struggles
    • Being human – getting through the bad days. Recognizing that not all days will be good, not all days will feel positive and that’s ok.
    • Terry talks about falling victim to his circumstances, he received a terminal diagnosis and finds a way to stay driven and motivated and uses his position to inspire others.
  • Workplace Bullying
    • Learning about the differences between harassment vs bullying and how to handle them both as someone the victim of this behavior and as a bystander.
    • The realization that one bad apple can spoil the bunch and create a toxic work culture for everyone.
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy
    • Just because it’s common doesn’t make it normal, listen to your body and go to the necessary practitioner.
    • Similarly to pelvic floor therapy many ailments can be due to other underlying issues. Prioritize your body.
Minisode Series
  • All about mental health support, finding it, what to expect, knowing it’s the right fit and beyond.

The things that we talk about in these minisodes, the things that we talk about in these episodes, it’s not just lip service, these are things that we’re experiencing in our everyday life.

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