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Saying No to Injustice by Building Community

Episode 60 | March 19, 2024

Angela Melfi, CEO and Co-Founder of Threads Worldwide, joins us to discuss the importance of building community, setting boundaries around our purchases to be conscious consumers, and empowering women in business and their lives.

Listen in as we talk with Angela about creating community through saying no to injustice.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No”the podcast about learning to say no and set boundaries to live our best lives. 

Follow along with me as we learn from fellow strugglers and experts, so that you too can start saying no without feeling fear, guilt, or FOMO. 


Angela Melfi, CEO and Co-Founder of Threads Worldwide, a social enterprise connecting women from 9 countries through fair trade, joins us to talk about weaving together motherhood and entrepreneurship as well as changing our communication around boundaries.


Key Takeaways

“We need that real connection, and that can be a real daunting task if you’re on the outside looking in.”

[00:04:52] Building a community around passion

  • Finding things that you are passionate about and then connect with others who share that passion
  • Create things with people you enjoy can create community
  • The light that shows within each other when they speak with passion
  • Being positive and finding possibility and then sharing it with others
  • Sharing goals and missions, this will organically grow and people with be fulfilled just by being in that space
  • Building energy can equate to momentum and feeding the mission
  • It’s okay to be a follower rather than a leader
  • Offer your skill set, be a part of something bigger

“To build community, I think it really starts with a passion that you have for something.”

[00:09:35] Empowering women through community

  • Wanting to provide a place for creativity, talent, and art
  • Connecting the market we have to the community who wants to participate
  • Allowing flexibility, trips, making money – different availability that they may not otherwise have

“I feel like that’s a big way as humans, as consumers, we can set a boundary around what we’re consuming by making sure we’re buying from craftsmen and local people and other people in other parts of the world who deserve fair trade.”

[00:15:44] Ethical fashion and fair trade

  • Setting consumer boundaries
  • We can decide to make some or all purchases from fair trade, thrift stores, flea markets, secondhand, ethically made, etc.
  • Mindfulness and extra effort to not always be comfortable consumers – getting items immediately
    • Comfortable consumership heightens the ability for more profits for big box stores that can lead to devastating supply chain practices (slave trade, waste, child labor, and beyond)
  • Try to do research on what options you might have locally, you may be surprised by what’s available as an alternative choice

[00:18:26] Women empowered through organization

  • Consumers create demands and jobs for people who now have the chance for a different life
  • We are responsible for
  • Where we spend can be an advocate for others

[00:27:02] Moms Demand Action

  • The reality of gun violence in the United States
  • The current generations of parents and now children realizing that drills and shootings are “standard”
  • Frustrating, and needs to be a hard no
  • We are becoming numb

[00:34:11] Balancing work and self-care

  • We were constantly learning into our values except honoring ourselves – we started to realize we needed to take better care of ourselves
  • Honor yourself to honor the world
  • Making agreements rather than a boundary – this can hold each other accountable
  • Make sleep plans, rest your body and brain

“enough, enough. This no longer is the trajectory I will live my life.”

[00:39:49] Finding your peak productivity

  • Taking time to recognize how long your focus time work or how long it takes to get into your groove
  • Notice my outputs
    • How much energy do my “gears” take
  • Pay attention to what title you’re in right now
  • Make an appointment to notice where your head is
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