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The Life Changing Power of Self-Worth

Episode 67 | May 14, 2024

Mint Miller, Career Coach and host of BetterMint podcast, discusses the importance of finding the power in knowing your self-worth.

Listen in as we talk boundaries in our lives with family, relationships, as parents, and with ourselves. Creating space to care for ourselves, time for healing, and exploring where we find value and what fuels us. Know your self-worth.


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No”the podcast about learning to say no and set boundaries to live our best lives. 

Follow along with me as we learn from fellow strugglers and experts, so that you too can start saying no without feeling fear, guilt, or FOMO. 


Mint Miller, host of BetterMint, a podcast meant to be a survival guide by allowing her stories, experiences and healing to help others recognize their own self-worth.
Through much lived experience, Mint used what she learned and began to set boundaries that changed the narrative of her life and allowed her to step into who she really is and the person she knows she was meant to be. Mint feels that her practice of setting limits and boundaries has made such a profound positive impact on her life that she wants others to learn this practice and experience the same positivity and balance in theirs. She works with successful “go-to” women by coaching them through her “3 Yes Boundary Method” to help them identify what they value most in their lives, so they can say YES to what is most important to them and have the confidence to say no to what does not align. This approach also helps women understand their own value and that their worth can be driven by happiness and purpose, not just by performance or the opinion of other people.

Key Takeaways

“When the stakes are high, you have to stick up for yourself. And that can feel hard.”

[00:03:52] Boundaries and self-healing journey

“Part of healing your core issues is understanding your boundaries.”

[00:05:19] Self-worth and boundary work

[00:12:01] Creating space for self care

“know your own limits and know when you need to step back and recalibrate.”

[00:14:29] The three boundaries method

“when you say yes to the things you value it’s so much easier to say no to something else”

“The follow through is so important because there are times when we doubt our boundaries or we decide the boundaries are too strict.”

[00:20:45] Setting boundaries with family

“Why would you bend for somebody who’s not respecting your boundary? What is that about? And we’ll dig deep into that.”

[00:23:29] Teaching healthy boundaries to your kids

“I don’t want to teach them that that’s normal and that yelling is like typical.”

[00:31:35] Modeling behavior for children

“as their parent, you’re their example. And so they will mirror what they see.”

“Apologize when you mess up. That’s a form of showing respect.”

[00:39:23] Setting boundaries after abuse

“People who are the victims of abuse don’t feel good about themselves because they don’t think they’re worthy of leaving or they’re worthy of anything better, you know, and that’s not their fault.”

[00:42:08] Overcoming grief and finding purpose

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